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    We Speak Here

    Culture Unplugged  |  08.Jul.10
    hear now,
the voice of eros,

    in cell, in organism named ‘I’,
in all that jazz playing ‘We’

    spoken here,

    the language of love,

    for life, from life,
deep within the form human.

    expressions multicolored,

    subconscious to conscious,

    seen from the eye,

    of a brother, a sister, a friend.

    narrated from us all,

    stories of what

    drives, responds & transcends

    the ‘self’- vital, physical, cerebral.
stories of vistas, rich & beautiful
with emotions & contemplations, familiar & foreign,
intimate moments of desires, impulses & intuitions,

    wombed spaces of reactions, responses & recoveries,
grand seduction of dramas & dreams -

    all designed to yoke the core to chakra of life,
all leading to discover the divine den,
within you, me, him, her -

    us, opening skyward to witness
the journey,

    of being and becoming.

    voice proverbial reverberates from atop,

    with authentic nodes crafting newness of story:

    “i got on a train, not aware.
i simply enjoyed speed, seat n scenery,
until it stopped being new to me,

    i looked around n found faces like mine,
my mouth took over n began performing the act familiar,

    chewing n spitting all it got,
hands got busy following the command,
legs fidgeting, mimicking on move.

    this too filled me not, it was new no more.
    my eyes got busy again, until it met eyes of the other,

    with deep compulsive calling we began approaching,
i set near to other n began exploring,
i followed the foreign spark to fire n lightening,
just to wonder why i was going, where i was going.
this wondersome drama kept on...

i became aware of the train,
it had hit.
i found myself flying,
witnessing from above the scene of accident.
i was in the air.

    my journey so real, began,

    i felt most open. i felt free to fly home but had lost whereabouts.
    i was heavy and light just the same.
    i had no fear, nor desire, neither any blur.
Only heaviness, brought by the pain. 

    Lightness was gift bestowed by death.

    i began feeling ultimate lightness unknown to me till then.
    i discovered new self, the marvel, the light. Only when,

    i consciously, willfully left the self, on that train.
    i was in the air.

    while there,
finally, i saw the beauty of garden in graveyard,
i wondered, why do we cry
in fear of this, sweet, heaven, 

    with love’s bloom all abound, where,
one do not need, fear, fury, cry or kill,
in the name of love.

    now i pray,

    dear death, keep me near, so i live

    with love in my heart, for new sun & shine.

    i tell my friends on train, be at peace,
be happy with sorrow, for it brings life’s bliss.
    i tell, find laughter for it heals,
but face affront, your sorrow & sufferings
for it creates.


in life’s soul-bearing embrace,
i choose to live, for you & me

    my brother, my sister, my friend.

    i journey to be ‘we’,
    here, now.”

    We Speak, Here.– A festival that aspires to bring an intimate view from life of another fellow being, reflecting our own challenges & opportunities for individual transformation - underlying light & shadows of our present existence and explore the life’s purpose leading to future.

    Music Remixed from:
    Film "Bandit Queen" (Sound Track: "Welcome Phoolan"); Other song/sounds from films (participating in "We Speak, Here") are: "Home Is Where You Find It", "Remains of Antonio", "Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears"


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