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    defining depths, scaling heights. to upgrade our world, to new version - with new vision. feeling this world thinking of that future join to begin. here & now.
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    Cultural Identity (what defines us?)

    Poem: Humanity Explored

    Culture Unplugged  |  15.Dec.14
    the humanity,
    seeing divinity in truth, peace, beauty & benevolence,
    shackled by beating beast beneath,
    awaits for elevation of nature.
    becoming divine,
    the prime feature, of being human;
    lost in front news headlines from countries, developed and not, visible or not;
    lost in illusion induced by boundless greed, survival creed;
    lost for the apathy, insensitivity, insecurity.
    birthed from navel of love divine, all Srishti –
    a spectacular spectrum of life, in hues seen unseen; 
    seek eternally, the supreme might within!
    truth, the alchemist, 
    refining all normal to noble, 
    reveals, defines, the meaning of benevolence...
    the prime feature, of being human,
    lived and lit-up by evolutionaries amongst us,
    wading their way through beastie barriers,
    leading us up, where we meet more authentic 'Self’.
    the humanity, now,
    reveling & screaming in present illusion of reality; 
    needing to find new in ether – the reality next – 
    healing, wholesome and hearty –
    uniting you, me, them & us – 'we', the humanity.
    can 'we' become?
    can we dream that reality?
    where families, communities, countries, humanity – 
    soul-realized, self-organized one~to~all~to~one, in love & trust, lives.
    mighty & modest, this organism, with all its cells 
    in up-setting balance of symmetry~asymmetry, dances. 
    families, communities, countries, humanity – 
    where each,
    aware of rightful role, designed by & for the self-global;
    communicate with language of songs, not speeches;
    express varied intensities of touch sanctified with truth of love; 
    fulfill duties in silence spiritual;
    reform customs & systems, with visions 
    drawn to fuse forms, motions & colors into harmony;
    drawn for peace & joy perennial, for courage & beauty of life anew;
    drawn to birth & nourish that luminous feature,
    in being-human.
    can we dream that court? 
    where the framed beast is braced by the beauty within, without.
    where polar vision exists not, neither the ultimate decision ‘sinner vs saint’; 
    where choosing of truth-side is silenced, for it perpetuates untrue; 
    where the court shelters the soul social and embarks on quest
    to pulse & place truth on all sides, in all beings, defending from cage symbolic;
    all yearning for justice, equality, warmth of the womb familiar.
    the dream of a court – perceived as dispensary; 
    where judge clads role of a doctor & healer, lawyers as artists the therapists, 
    all, following the ultimate decree & duty for one and all.
    can we dream that global community? 
    where people seek true self, true success, in all-thriving abode, 
    where devoted evolutionaries chart journey for all earthlings,
    chart afoot as common, for commons; 
    direct human eyes to perceive global-self from the star, galaxy beyond. 
    a global community – where all denizens re-fuse national, racial, familial identity, 
    found till now in form, frame, flag or blood; and root this very identity 
    in ideals unitive and dreams ushering divinity. 
    a global community – 
    where all discovers in aqueous reality, the good, beautiful & the true elemental,
    where top-down visions and bottom-up forces lives, mingled, 
    where all see macrocosmic vision, all march to millennial mission; 
    all choose, to forgive past & follow future present in beatitude 
    within human crest, human chest; all just be, 
    to let lead the Devi within – the master alchemist for dips, differences, death.
    the grand community – a globular whole –
    spiraling, swelling, swirling in unison to edge life – 
    to descend the heaven on the horizon, 
    where grandeur of creativity & ethereal love –
    the prime feature of being human, 
    is expressed by all, as a matter-of-fact.
    is this dream a secret? 
    what is at play?
    do we intend,
    to explore the prime feature o' 
    being human,
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    1. SRISHTI : The Entire Creation or Nature
    2. DEVI : The Divine Mother ; The Female Manifestation of the Supreme Being

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