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    defining depths, scaling heights. to upgrade our world, to new version - with new vision. feeling this world thinking of that future join to begin. here & now.
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    Poem : Green Unplugged

    Culture Unplugged  |  15.Jun.15
    human vision of ‘Green’,
    toned through traditions, trends, tempests.

    what hue do you imbue?

    do you see? the everGreen impulse of life –
    that infinite ground of being, in motion eternally,
    fomenting, fertilizing, flourishing for harmony,
    in atomic~cosmic world!

    do you experience? the pull upward into canopy –
    that organic, dynamic, ever-expanding presence above,
    enveloping you, me, us, them & that,
    in dark, deep & bright - loving, blissful light!

    do you sense? the instinct at work in human tribe –
    incarnation gross & green revealed in ‘mine’,
    that dream of abundance, freedom, love, joy
    twisted a-knot in our gut & mind,
    saturating our greed, muddling up need, not to be kind
    veiling soul, the savior ~in success~
    shadowing our structures, systems, sight,
    drawing us to the state of corruption cathartic,
    crisis conspicuous!

    witnessing today,
    the nature in ruffle, times in shuffle, life dear in scuffle,
    global commons seek to unearth the ideal tone of Green–
    with new philosophies, placards, pictures, products,
    we are offered shades of choices!

    how do you choose to see?

    is life divine seeking to deepen the hue,
    by humans, for all Srishti?
    in chorus with the Mother, do you cry too,
    for birthing future now, for spirit anew?
    do you intend to rejuvenate all,
    by sublimating nature within you?

    will you drink this potion Green? to dream,
    to claim life spiritual, to name spirituality material...
    sprightly, will you sing :

    I exist for,
    conscious consumption,
    cultural selection,
    creative communication.

    I vote for,
    personalized religion,
    transparent governance,
    world citizenship.

    I yearn for,
    spiritual society,
    compassionate community,
    harmonized humanity.

    ‘our’ world volving on axis, fatigued & fractured,
    playing out scene after the one, same.
    will we forgo?

    ‘mā’ Gaia growing the mind divine, giant & global,
    pregnating each with womb integral, in soul.
    will we carry?

    ‘us’ ebbing away –
    the believers of world as-is,
    at game, scheming & dodging – scorn & suffering,
    strengthening the need to survive, status quo,
    raising the mean within,
    living to locate self, sole, in frame...

    ‘us’ emerging –
    the receptors of world to come,
    at peace, secure in the presence of supreme Self within,
    smiling, swaying ’n’ singing through suffering,
    rising to the guide – Green, bright, divine,
    leading to locate life, whole, in chest...

    who do you find in mirror?
    how do you see future?
    will you partake and perform with sincerity,
    in revolution present,
    led by lovers & seers of life to come?
    do you see?
    how far are we from the new-world in our dream?
    do you feel the rush?


    SRISHTI: The entire creation or Nature
    Mā : Mother


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